MLM Success: Reply to tough question from prospect

If you’re in MLM for any length of time, eventually you encounter a prospect who throws THE question at you. You know the one. The person, skeptical and trying to undermine your sales presentation and your home based business, asks something like, “So, how much did you earn your first month/last month?” If you started […]

Enjoy MLM success through consistent marketing

Marketing for an online business can seem overwhelming to someone new. Believe me; I know the feeling. There is so much to learn, so much to do. You wonder, Where do I begin? New network marketers also feel that they don’t have sufficient knowledge or experience to offer advice on their topic. True, you may […]

Stay in touch with your teammates to keep them on your team

As network marketers, we live in cyberspace. Almost everything we do involves tapping into the Web (OK, “Internet” for most people). Problem is, we often let that get between us and our teammates and prospects. Among other qualities, leaders manage their time wisely, but they also maintain the personal touch that is so important in […]

Want to be successful? Put in the effort.

One thing I’ve learned in my short stint in the network marketing world is that there are no quick paths to wealth. Believe me, I wish I could just type a few keystrokes and watch the dollars roll in. Perhaps it’s due to our 24-hour, Internet- and cable TV-induced lifestyles that we always want instant gratification and reward. […]

How to sponsor and follow up once an affiliate has joined your MLM business

Your success in a network marketing or MLM business is greatly tied to how well you develop your team. The larger and more productive your team is, the more prosperous you will be. You understand that intuitively. To what extent, though, do you actively nurture and engage those whom you bring into your home based […]