Great Customer Service May Start With You

You receive an envelope from your bank and quickly rip it open. Inside is an overdraft notice. “THIS CAN’T BE!” you scream. You are peeved. Really peeved. You resolve to go stomping into your branch and reading the riot act to the first teller who flashes a smile your way. You grab your checkbook and … Read more

Personalized contact enhances customer relationships

In this the digital age, when everyone can be connected to everyone (or nearly everyone) almost all the time, I wonder: how connected are we, especially to our customers? Sure, they can reach us at all hours with all sorts of means, but how in-touch are we with our customers? How many of these contacts … Read more

Calm demeanor helps ensure great customer service

great customer service, good customer service, how to get customer serviceRecall the last time you had a problem with a product or service. What was your frame of mind? Did you want to stomp into that store (or pick up the phone) and chew someone’s butt? Not surprisingly, most people feel that way.

If choose to follow through on your rant, you may find that the reaction from the customer service person isn’t quite what you expected. You see, customer service people are humans, too, and can only take so much. They should be resilient, but even the best training doesn’t steel them for the worst barrage.

I’ve been there a number of times. In fact, I wrote about an incident I had many years ago. As I relate, I was ready to tear into the first teller I faced when I walked into the bank branch. Thankfully, I had calmed down by the time I entered the branch.

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Always keep customers informed about situation

Timely, accurate information a part of great customer service

Accurate and timely information is crucial any time a problem arises. Don’t leave your customers in the dark or confused. During a flight home from out east I experienced both good and bad customer service, and there are some lessons to be learned. (I had another memorable experience at an airport. This one entailed great customer service, and I wrote about it here.)

great customer service

The trip started in Harrisburg, Pa. I was scheduled to take the 1:50 p.m. flight to Detroit (#3829). The flight was delayed more than two hours due to bad weather. (Our jet, inbound from somewhere, was diverted to Pittsburgh, where it waited out the storm.) So there we sat patiently at gate A1. At one point the sign was changed to read flight 3965 to Detroit, and listed the departure time of 4:35.

We were puzzled. Do we stay at gate A1? The Delta employee kept saying that our flight would leave from A1.

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Great customer service is easy to deliver

We’ve all heard businesses claim that their customer service goes “above and beyond” and “exceeds your expectations.” What do those mean? Does your firm offer great customer service, and if so, how do you know?

good customer service, great customer service

I was the recipient of great customer service one day several years ago, and I remain thankful to this day.

My adventure began as I arrived for a flight out of O’Hare International Airport in April 2008.

Sue, a friendly Apple Vacations representative, greeted me as I approached the USA3000 ticket counter. While chatting with her I realized that I was toting someone else’s luggage. Mine, it turns out, had been given to the other traveler as he exited the hotel’s courtesy van moments before.

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