Overcome adversity with resilience and determination

Attitude and action will help you overcome challenges 

Started reading another book last night from my collection on motivation, sales and customer service. This one, If You Can’t Climb The Wall, Build A Door! by Dr. Charles Lever (Inti Publishing, 1997), is turning out to be a good choice. You may have guessed that this is about how to overcome adversity. If not, the subtitle explains it all: “Principles to live by when quitting is not an option.”

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I grabbed the book because it appeared to offer a good message. Plus, at 155 pages, it should be a fast read. That part is coming true, but the book also offers a lot of good advice for anyone struggling to overcome life’s challenges.

Like another book from my collection that provided material for a blog post, this book caused me to put some thoughts down in a column.

Early on, Dr. Lever lists nine reasons why he wrote the book. He tries to reach out to people struggling with loneliness, grieving over the loss of a friend, fighting to hold a marriage together and other challenges. Two reasons that caught my eye were:

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