3 principles to achieve, maintain peak performance

In one of his videos, Brendon Burchard, author of “The Millionaire Mindset” and founder of High Performance Academy, invites viewers to create a video outlining their core principles. These are principles that we live everyday; that guide us and help us maintain a high performance level. He invites viewers to post a link to those videos on his Facebook page.

I took him up on the offer. My video outlines three core principles I live by: integrity, assisting others, and striving to succeed. These keep me focused in the right direction, but personally and professionally.

Integrity – Should be a given in everyone, but it’s important to remind ourselves everyday to be honest. Sometimes we want to cut corners to make a process go smoother. Salespeople occasionally are tempted to sell a higher priced solution. Or, sell even though another firm is better suited to solve the person’s problems.

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