In addition to writing, I offer training in several topics of extreme importance to business people. The knowledge is derived from decades of experience in the business world, as well as on my own as an entrepreneur.

These seminars are ideal for groups up to about 20 people and are offered in your office.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening well–that is, comprehending–has always been important. With the increased demand for our attention brought about by mobile phones and social media, it is especially critical that business people learn how to listen effectively. In this course, you will learn:

A. The distractions you face each day
B. How poor listening affects performance and the bottom line
C. Ways to improve your listening skills


Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Numerous factors go into creating your presentation, any of which can cause stress. Addressing these dampens the anxiety, thereby allowing you to approach your presentation with confidence and enthusiasm. We will review:

A. How to prepare
B. Developing your script, notes
C. Rehearsing
D. Steps to take before your presentation begins
E. Additional tips to eliminate the “butterflies”

Here are just some of the comments from this presentation:

“Excellent presenter – subject matter was beneficial.”
“Good presentation. Well organized, and a brief exercise which was helpful and provided some necessary practice.”
“I enjoyed this and the many session topics.”


Creating a Successful Presentation

Taking the next step, we now review the fundamentals and elements of an effective presentation. Those include:

A. How to develop your material:
– Your objective
– Research that leads to a tailored message
– Outline your thoughts
– Develop your script; include a strong beginning
– Watch the clock: rehearse, edit; incorporate timing cues

B. Delivery ideas:

– Visualization
– Tools to assist in recall/retention
– Use visual aids properly

C: Mechanics:

Clothing, food, script format, vocal variety and more


Effective Meetings

You just received notice of an upcoming meeting. “Ugh,” you cry. “Not another meeting!” Why are meetings so detested? Done properly, a meeting is a very effective way to disseminate information to a group. This presentation will cover:

– Time management and the value of time
– Various considerations involving the meeting
– How to conduct your meeting


Each presentation is tailored to your business or need. Standard sessions run either 30 or 60 minutes, but other formats are available. Contact me to discuss rates and your particular needs. Feel free to call 1-262-789-7975, or send an email.

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