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Marketing for an online business can seem overwhelming to someone new. Believe me; I know the feeling. There is so much to learn, so much to do. You wonder, Where do I begin?

New network marketers also feel that they don’t have sufficient knowledge or experience to offer advice on their topic. True, you may not know much, but you can change that in a hurry. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a veteran online marketer to share valuable information¬†with other network marketers, especially newer members. Remember that people are joining the network marketing community all the time.

First, relax. Yes, the learning curve can be steep, especially if you’ve never been involved in network marketing before. The whole process can seem really intimidating at first. After awhile, though, you begin to understand how the various parts of the puzzle fit together. Within a short period of time it all starts to make sense.

Success in online business requires developing a strong following. It’s called attraction marketing: Literally attracting visitors to your various Web postings. (You can learn more about this in Mike Dillard’s classic ebook, Magnetic Sponsoring.) These can be on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, Ezinearticles.com, YouTube, or any combination of the above. Over time some of these visitors develop into leads which you can then introduce to your product or service. By posting good content on a regular basis, you begin to develop a following. It’s that large and regular following that helps you build a successful online business.

How do you start? In a modest way. As is the case with an exercise regimen, start with a task you can stick with. You will add components as you become more comfortable and proficient. Use what I call the Drip Method of Marketing: You distribute – or drip – content into the marketplace on a daily basis. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually fairly easy. Try to produce a number of messages in one day, then release them over several days. Here’s how this can work.

First, pick a topic. This could be a part of your marketing strategy that isn’t very strong (say, blogging). Study that thoroughly. You may find information on the ‘net, or if you’re a member of a marketing system, review the videos available in your training archives.

Next, choose a medium you are comfortable with. Do you prefer to write, say, or make videos? Develop your messages using that medium. (Eventually you will use all or nearly all media, but for now we’ll hold to one.) As you review the material you probably noticed five or six really hot tips; ideas that strike a chord with you. You will, of course, implement them in your own marketing. But you’re so excited about what you learned that you want to tell the world. Do so.

Produce a series of messages on this content. Each message will talk about one or two points. You will mention something like, “I just read/saw this great information on blogging. Fantastic stuff. I wanted to share this with you in this series of columns/videos.”

In each message you will share a point, and discuss why it is beneficial to implement. (Make sure you attribute the material appropriately.) With this series of messages in hand, you can now drip them into the marketplace over several days. Afterward, pick another topic to study, and repeat the process. (Incidentally, this is how many of the successful online marketers got to where they are today.)

At some point you’ll be able to step back and assess a given campaign. Produce a follow-up message that discusses what you learned. Now you’re talking about your experiences, so it becomes your story. You’re no longer relying on someone else’s material. Best of all, you’ve become an expert in some aspect of your business. See how easy it is?

Attraction marketing is all about attracting people. That’s what this process is intended to do. Take modest steps now, and add more as you become more familiar with the entire process. Posting good content on a regular basis will generate the following you need to succeed. Good luck!


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