MLM Success: Reply to tough question from prospect

If you’re in MLM for any length of time, eventually you encounter a prospect who throws THE question at you. You know the one. The person, skeptical and trying to undermine your sales presentation and your home based business, asks something like,

“So, how much did you earn your first month/last month?”

If you started out really well or had a good month, it’s easy to provide a standard reply. But what if you’ve struggled a bit in your MLM business and you just aren’t up to speed? In a case like that, you might want to take a cue from the pros.

In the October 2011 issue of Better Networker magazine, Norbert Orlewicz offers his reply. Norbert, a very successful internet marketer, was asked early in his MLM career how much money he made. He replied:

“None! But I’m now generating my own leads online. In fact, you’re one of them. And I can show you how to do the same. If you want, I can put you on the line with my sponsor, who’s making a strong 6-figure income in this business.”

He added that the caller eventually became a customer.

Ray Higdon, another legend in the MLM world, offered his take during a webinar. When asked how much he made his first month, Ray replied,

“I don’t know. I haven’t finished collecting it all yet. You see, I get paid residual income in this business. I’m still earning money from my efforts from my very first month.”

Keep these replies in mind. Perhaps they can work for you.

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