Own a business (MLM or traditional)? Crush it!

Successful business professionals, in both traditional and MLM markets, know that to stay on top of their game they must continually enrich themselves through ongoing education. Books are an important component in that educational process.

Over the years I have purchased books by Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Norman Vincent Peale, Jeffrey Gitomer, Timothy Ferriss, and several others. All offered something of value; their books remain on my bookshelf.

My latest purchase includes Gary Vaynerchuk’s “CRUSH IT! Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Pashion.” Written particularly for the small-businsess person, “Crush It!” hits home with practical advice that can applied now to enhance your chances of success.

Vaynerchuk initially gained success (and fame) by transforming his family’s business from a local wine store into an industry leader. As the Web developed Vaynerchuk realized the power of social media, and has exploited its potential to become the powerhouse he is today.

He became successful, he argues, because he developed his own powerful brand. That’s critical for success today, regardless of your business or industry. “Everyone – EVERYONE- needs to start thinking of themselves as a brand. It  is no longer an option; it is a necessity,” he says. 

We in the MLM community hear a lot about branding. Great content coupled with your personality help you craft your brand and set you apart. Even folks in “dry” industries like accounting can establish a brand. “You’ll crush it as long as you concentrate on being yourself,” he writes.

Approximately two-thirds of the book is dedicated to developing content and the platforms to deliver it. Vaynerchuk likes videos – “It’s just easier to grab people’s attention and draw them in” – and blogs. Once you establish a presence, make sure to syndicate your material through the various channels, much of which can be done automatically. Take full advantage of  the social media avenues, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Great content includes stories, Vaynerchuk says, so enliven your material with anecdotes and experiences. Make sure to include calls to action and the means for others to share your material. To become known on the ‘net requires the help of others; a digital word of mouth, as it were.

As you develop a following, consider leveraging that to enhance your income. Possibilities include selling advertising on your blog, offering seminars and consulting, maybe even writing a book. There are so many opportunities once you’ve crushed it.

Although a newer member of the MLM community, I have developed a pattern for writing blog columns and placing videos on YouTube. Established LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are augmented by a growing Facebook fan page. It was encouraging to read that I was on the right path. But I also learned there is much work to be done.

With social media becoming the dominant force in our economy – indeed, the world’s economy – it behooves you to pick up a copy of “Crush It!” and follow its powerful suggestions. Whether you are in a traditional business or an MLM company, you stand to prosper by reading this book.

I’m interested in your thoughts. What social media platforms do you find most effective? Please feel free to leave suggestions and forward this column, so that others may benefit as you have. Thanks!


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