Thinking of becoming a Melaleuca distributor? Is Melaleuca right for you?

With hundreds of products to choose from for your MLM / network marketing business, why might you decide to become a Melaleuca distributor?

A diverse company, Melaleuca manufactures more than 350 products for the home and personal use. Malaleuca distributors can offer their clients:

–          Nutritional supplements

–          Personal care products

–          Cleaning supplies and laundry products

–          First aid supplies

–          Cosmetics

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot, in an interview with, said the top three sellers are vitamins, detergent, and lotion.

VanderSloot said that Melaleuca has paid $2.8 billion in commissions since he took over the firm in 1985. He added that about 90 percent of the firm’s 300,000-plus independant distributors work part-time. Their income averages less than $2,100 per year.

Natural products, recycling important to Melaleuca

According to the firm’s Web site, Melaleuca manufactures some of the world’s leading wellness products for the home and family. They craft these products with an eye toward maintaining the highest standards for safety, health, and wellness.

A key factor you notice quickly is the focus on using only (or primarily) natural ingredients. Their products are produced from sustainable, natural resources, the Web site claims, adding that Melaleuca “has taken a firm stand against chemicals that not only pollute our environment but also our homes.” Their EcoSense products use natural ingredients like citric acid and the spice thyme, instead of chlorine bleach, ammonia, or formaldehyde. Indeed, Melaleuca cleaning products are so safe, they don’t need child-proof safety caps.

Recycling is also a very important to Melaleuca. The firm recycles scrap plastic, cardboard, and paper generated during manufacturing. Related to that, because many of its products are concentrated, Melaleuca containers are slightly smaller than competitors’. This saves the firm money on packaging and shipping, as well as in the manufacture of the containers themselves.

Why become a distributor for Melaleuca

On the firm’s Web site, Frank VanderSloot offers some powerful reasons to consider being a customer and/or distributor for Melaleuca.

  1. “Our business model was to take the risk out of starting one’s own business.” While distributors are expected to purchase products, they don’t need to maintain a large inventory or make “other major investments.”
  2. “We did not want to create a get-rich-quick scheme, but something that would endure from generation to generation.”
  3. Melaleuca’s mission is to enhance the lives of those they touch. Whatever your goals are as a distributor, he says, the firm’s objective is to help you achieve them.
  4. Melaleuca partners with doctors, scientists, and universities around the world to make certain the firm stays a leader in the field of wellness.
  5. In one particular month, Melaleuca mailed 220,000 commission checks to households throughout North America.

You can view Frank VanderSloot’s informative video here:

The bottom line on Melaleuca

Melaleuca appears to be a great company to join as a distributor. Its mission and values dovetail with those of many consumers. A Melaleuca distributor represents a firm committed to the environment generally and around the home. Malaleuca focuses on products that are made mostly or exclusively of natural products. In addition, the firm watches its waste stream by minimizing packaging and recycling when it can.

Melaleuca has earned an A+ rating from the Idaho Falls Better Business Bureau, and remains a member of that organization. That tells you the company is committed to high ethical standards.

After researching Melaleuca, the only questions I have pertain to marketing efforts for the distributors. What sort of training do they provide their distributors? Are distributors encouraged to market via online opportunities, or is selling done primarily through direct contact?


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