How to sponsor and follow up once an affiliate has joined your MLM business

Your success in a network marketing or MLM business is greatly tied to how well you develop your team. The larger and more productive your team is, the more prosperous you will be. You understand that intuitively. To what extent, though, do you actively nurture and engage those whom you bring into your home based business? You are their sponsor; it is your responsibility to coach and mentor them, especially in the initial weeks and months.

Everyone has their suggestions of how to sponsor an affiliate in an MLM business. As someone fairly new to network marketing, I feel I can offer a valuable perspective.

1. Check in soon after the person joins. May sound obvious, but it’s easy to overlook. You know that your autoresponder will be sending a series of welcoming e-mails for the first two or three weeks. Those are generic, though. Your teammates prefer personalized messages. (I watched for that when I started out.) Put yourself in that person’s shoes, and wonder what might be going through his or her mind. Ask if there are any questions at this stage. Make sure the person fully understands the initial steps. This is especially critical if the individual has enrolled in a system. Your message could read something like:

Hello, John. I imagine by now you’ve started the training process for [your product or system]. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but rest assured it will all make sense very soon. I know the feeling: I was in your position once. Please follow the steps I mentioned in our recent phone call, and you will quickly master the material. Keep in mind that it may take [one week/a couple weeks/three weeks] to grasp the program. Take your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I want to make sure you fully understand and are comfortable with this exciting program.

It’s important to make your new teammate feel welcome. Sometimes sponsors get so wrapped up in running their multi-level marketing businesses that they overlook their newer members. Set aside some time each week for your newer teammates. It could be to review e-mails or take phone calls. Continue to remind your teammates that you are available for coaching. They will appreciate that, because they occasionally feel lost or overwhelmed. Assure them that you are open to some time on the phone. A few moments can mean a lot to someone in that situation. As network marketers, they must learn to become independent entrepreneurs. But they deserve some personalized service, especially in the beginning.

2. Send informative e-mails frequently. Craft unique messages that talk about new and useful information you’ve posted. Could be a video, blog column, or article. As part of your marketing efforts, you are posting valuable content on the Web all the time. Notify your teammates when you do. That information can be a valuable addition to what they’re learning through their basic training.

3. Schedule a phone call for four to six weeks in. By that point the new affiliate should have completed any initial training and started marketing. This is a good time to review what the person is doing and to offer suggestions for improvement. Talk enthusiastically and be encouraging. The first few months in any MLM business are a trying time. Try to keep your new teammate as fired up as he or she was on the first day.

Sponsoring a new affiliate is not that difficult. You notice that the key component is staying in touch. You don’t want the person to feel ignored. Regular communication will keep your teammate excited about the new network marketing opportunity.

What is your process for staying in touch with teammates in the early stages? Later on? Feel free to comment below. Also, if you found value in this post, could you do me a favor and share it with others? Thanks!


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