How to create content for your blog

How to create blog content

Most people have a pretty good understanding of how to write a blog; that is, fundamentally put one together and then post columns. Odds are that not too many bloggers have developed a blog content strategy. With that, the blog may end up all over the place in terms of content, and not achieve the desired results.

How do I know? I was that way for several months. I started this blog in the spring of 2011. Initially I would post columns based upon material I had used in the past for my company’s newsletter. The material was good, but I wasn’t really focused on the big picture as I needed to be.

Where do I get content? I will recap a few here:

– Check out the bookstore. Head to the section pertaining to your niche. Grab several books, and look for one that has lists (“7 ways to ….” “The 25 best strategies for…”). You can write a blog post on one of those books, or particular items. Let’s say that of the 25 strategies, seven really resonate with you. Write a column about how you implemented those strategies and the results you obtained. You may find that you needed to tweak one or two strategies; that’s fine. The more personalized you can make your blog content, the better.

– Review your own library. Find three books or training packets that you haven’t reviewed in a long time (if ever). Pick one to read/review and comment on. Zero in on one question or issue you’d like answered or resolved, and write a blog post based upon what you learned.

I took a similar approach. Going through my collection of books, I found The Mars Pathfinder Approach to “Faster-Better-Cheaper. Fascinating book, and one I suggest you buy or borrow. The authors review the 13 principles learned from that mission, and adapt them to today’s business operations. That lead to my blog post, “7 principles to guide your business to success”. Turned out to be a great project. I was introduced to an interesting book, and generated a useful and valuable blog post in the process.

Another tactic is to write blogs based upon webinars, conferences and other meetings you attend. “Stop being just a consumer,” one blogging expert advises, “and become a content creator.” As you listen to the presentation, ask yourself:
1) What can I do with that? What can be implemented? and
2) What can I teach?
The second question helps you create blog content.

For some suggestions to make you a better writer, see “Edit thoroughly for clean, professional copy”.

What techniques do you use to generate blog content? Do you sometimes suffer from writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome that? Feel free to comment below. If you found value in this post, could you do me a favor and share it with others? Thanks!

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