Conferences are an important part of marketing efforts

In these difficult times, business owners are constantly looking for ways to cut expenses. That’s understandable. We need to remain cognizant of the bottom line in order to stay in business. The other  important component, of course, is generating additional income through new sales.

Sadly, one area that tends to get cut during tough times is marketing. While some tweaking is probably in order, too often businesses make wholesale cuts in their marketing budgets. Why is that? They’re cutting out a major component in their business development efforts. (I heard of a firm years ago that cut all but one of its salespeople. Wow.)

Like most newer network marketers, my path has been bumpy. Coming from an advertising / marketing background, I assumed that it would take time to build sales. I’m introducing myself to the marketplace in a whole new way, and am entering a rather crowded field. A lot of folks are involved in network marketing/home-based businesses. Each of us is trying to carve out a niche. All of us are trying to position ourselves against our competitors – just like traditional businesses do – and grow from there.

If you’ve been following this blog, you notice I’ve written about my foray into Facebook pay-per-click advertising. That’s the latest in my paid-advertising ventures. It’s designed to augment all my activity on the free platforms like Twitter,  YouTube, Facebook (for posts), and, of course, this blog.

I recently added another component to my marketing campaign, which I envision will offer its own rewards over time.

The network marketing / MLM industry, like many others, offers conferences throughout the year. I signed up for one, a two-day event taking place later this week in Phoenix. The cost, which includes airfare and the hotel room, will be in excess of $800. That’s no small chunk of change, but I look at it as a wise investment.

All day Friday and Saturday I will be enmeshed in conversations and meetings with other network marketers. Many, especially those attending the Saturday meetings, will be fellow affiliates of my primary company, Global Resorts Network. Friday’s conference is geared toward Mark Hoverson’s program, Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint. Both days will offer insight and tips on how to build our businesses. Add in what I will glean from talking with other network marketers, and I expect to experience two jam-packed days of very valuable training.

As you review your marketing plans for 2012, do you see any mention of a conference or trade show? Even one? I highly recommend it.

From the presentations to the breakout sessions and individual networking, conferences and trade shows offer you and your staff the chance to glean a tremendous amount of good information from successful people in your industry. All that knowledge and experience for the price of attending. Imagine what it would be like to track them down individually, if even by phone. During the conference, everyone is under one roof. It’s a very efficient way to talk with a lot of people very quickly. A trade show, of course, offers the added opportunity to sell, should you decide to exhibit.

If you haven’t already, research the conferences, conventions, or trade shows available this year for your industry. There should be at least one that presents an excellent opportunity for your firm. Make the necessary arrangements, and begin thinking of how you and your staff will maximize your involvement in that event. The more involved you are, the more your business will gain.

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