Build your business through chamber of commerce

Build your business by getting involved in your chamber of commerce. Here are 3 suggestions:

1. Participate in chamber functions. You’re familiar with the monthly networking event. What about seminars, workshops or expos?

Consider offering a presentation. Become recognized by your peers as an expert; a “go-to” person. This presentation could be part of a separate chamber meeting (breakfast and lunch are common times) or during a chamber expo.

2. Take on a leadership role. Join a committee and help with marketing/PR or membership. (I help out with the New Berlin Chamber of Commerce’s website.) Maintaining membership is an especially critical¬†need for chambers of commerce. Meet other business people as you promote the chamber. In turn, they get to know you and your business.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even put your hat in the ring for executive director someday.

3. Support local businesses by buying from them (for personal and professional needs). This is an indirect method but still related. While there, talk up your business and the chamber. Encourage that person to join the chamber. Doing so will help build an even stronger chamber of commerce.

Because you bought from that business, you may see some business in return.

If you’re not already an active member of your chamber of commerce–or a member at all–I encourage you to make that call. Your community and business will benefit from your involvement.

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2 thoughts on “Build your business through chamber of commerce”

  1. The more I get involved in chamber activities the more I feel I benefit. It’s a win-win situation, and I encourage everyone to get involved. Thanks for visiting, Nate.

  2. Hey Tom!

    I love your tips on how to build around the chamber of commerce. Chamber of commerce is a great site to find great potential prospects. They are good because they are business professionals. I am in agreement with you that you can also obtain leadership skills as well. It’s been awhile, have a great week ahead Tom!

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