Struggling in MLM? Get back to the basics

What do struggling sales people and slumping pro athletes have in common? The need – and, one hopes, desire –  to get back on track. How do they do it? They meet with their mentor or coach to determine what’s wrong and how to fix it.  Odds are that the person has strayed from the fundamentals and needs to be reminded or retrained on the basics.

Similarly, we in the MLM industry occasionally find ourselves in a slump. It could happen soon after starting the home based business or many months later. In my case, it was more a matter of trying to get my network marketing business off the ground. I joined an MLM business at the end of March, used a decidedly subtle approach to marketing for a the first six weeks or so, then ramped up.

I was fortunate to be introduced to a system. Without it, my foray into multi level marketing would have been disastrous, I’m sure. As it was, I used the knowledge to enhance the steps I had already been taking, namely blogging and cutting videos. The system further taught me – and continues to teach me – about all the important components and tenets of attraction marketing and the MLM world.

Even so, the past several weeks have been a bit of a struggle. People are visiting my blog and YouTube channel, even visiting the capture pages for the great free training I have been promoting. But I have nothing to show for it. What gives? And more importantly, what do I do about it?

We learn early on in the MLM business community to turn to our sponsors for help. Those folks have experienced all (or nearly all) the growing pains of starting a home based business, and have discovered workable solutions.

So one day recently I typed an e-mail to one of my sponsors saying in so many words, “help!” Her reply? In essence, get back to basics. Review a webinar she hosted on the subject, she advised, as that will help a lot. So I did.

Wow. What an eye opener.

In the webinar she walks through all the introductory steps as well as more advanced measures. Understand that I had been exposed to all that material when I was going through the training several weeks ago. The difference now was that it was starting to make sense. And I realized just how many valuable steps I failed to take, which undoubtedly explains my struggles.

What about you? Are you struggling to generate leads or sales, or have other challenges with your MLM company? Have you been able to identify the cause or causes? If not, contact your sponsor or someone else whose opinion you trust. Ask for an evaluation of your efforts and recommendations for a new course of action.

You’ll probably learn that you strayed just a bit from the fundamentals. The solution is to review the basics, including:

– Generating leads: Review your capture pages, e-mails, tweets and other posts. Is the copy interesting and enticing? Is there anything about your pages that would cause people to click away?

– Calling leads: Are you asking probing, open-ended questions? Or, do you start off talking about how great your system or main opportunity is? You need to know what the person’s needs are before you can suggest a solution.

– Producing good content: Is it informative and engaging, or are you merely posting sales messages? Your visitors are looking for information and help. Be that resource for them.

– Being diligent: To be successful using the principles of attraction marketing, you must be patient and diligent. Post quality content regularly. Eventually you will see a payoff.

Just like the professional athlete, with some tweaking to your efforts, you can be hitting home runs again.

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