3 more tips to improve your oral presentation skills

If you follow my blog, you notice that I write frequently on the topic of presentation skills. Many columns are generated after sitting through a presentation or seminar. Such is the case today.

effective presentation techniques, effective presentation skills, how to improve presentation skillsI spotted a few “areas of improvement” (a term used in Toastmasters) during a presentation this morning. Reviewing these and those I share in other columns will help you become a better presenter.

1. Make sure your slides are complete. The presenter had to skip over some slides because there weren’t complete. (He claimed the material wasn’t saved.) Always review your slides for completeness. Just one more reason for testing and rehearsing.

2. Arrange equipment so it’s easily accessible. The presenter used a wireless mouse (which is fine), but it was placed on the opposite side of the laptop. He had to reach past the laptop and through the projector beam to get to the mouse. He should’ve place the mouse on his side of the projector.

3. Watch the verbal tics. A lot of ums and ahs today. Too bad, because his material was good, as were his answers to questions. Teach yourself to eliminate the verbal tics for a more polished presentation.

It takes time and effort; believe me, I know. In fact, I’m still working on my speech patterns. But over time you’ll get better and sound better.

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