When to say ‘no’ to a new opportunity

We’re five years removed from the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. The economy has been improving steadily, with jobs reports generally trending toward the better. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. economy added 215,000 jobs in March. (Though the unemployment rate increased slightly to 5%. That was due to more […]

Use gender-specific pronoun when appropriate

Many writers and speakers engage in semantic gymnastics to avoid any hint (in their minds) of bias. One consequence is that the person often violates a basic rule of grammar. A perfect example involves the pronoun their. You might see (or hear) a sentence like this: “A friend of mine needs new tires on their […]

Tom Hopkins’ How To Sell Anything program is still powerful

A recent addition to my professional development is both old and new. Tom Hopkins’ “How To Master The Art of Selling Anything” is proving to be a very valuable training program. Although first recorded in 1979, his principles and strategies are timeless. Its 24 sessions offer a comprehensive review of the selling process. Topics include […]

Accessibility, prompt response heighten customer satisfaction

Tis the season to shop, as retailers are noticing. An improving economy and a proliferation of smartphones are encouraging people to open their wallets. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, more than 151 million people in the US stated they shopped in-store and/or online over the Thanksgiving weekend. If you were in […]

Effective communication hinges on knowing your audience

Communicating effectively involves several important factors. According to Mike Thompson, these include taking ownership of the situation, staying focused, and knowing your recipient’s personality style. Thompson, a business coach with ActionCOACH in New Berlin, Wis., discussed these nuances during a recent meeting of the New Berlin Chamber of Commerce. He offers a different perspective on […]